Ride to FR300 on the Mogollon Rim

View from the Rim:

I almost didn’t feel like riding today, I was kind of thinking of being a couch potato and watching football all day. I had just been out  on the F800ST yesterday, and was a little hesitant about going for the second day in a row. But I was the one who had planned today’s ride, and I thought about how lovely it might be on the Rim during this time of year, so I decided to just go and enjoy my day.

I had a hard time getting my gear together last night. I listened to the weather report and thought it could turn out to be any kind of weather on the Rim today. I brought everything from rain gear to heated gear, and several layers in between. It was cool (for here) when I left the house, and I rode to meet up with Hal, and another friend, Dan, who wanted to discover FR300.

I started to get cold riding Hwy. 87 north as it climbed in elevation. I am going to freeze my a**, I thought. When we got past Strawberry, and then up on the Rim, I was shivering, and when we turned off onto FR300 to air down, I thought I might need my heated jacket liner. I asked Hal if he thought I needed the heated gear, or the windproof liner, and he voted for the liner. I am glad, because after we got going, I was comfortable. Going slower on the unpaved road, and having the warm sun on me was the perfect combination.

Airing down:

A mile or two in, we saw the dreaded sign, “Road Work Ahead.” I never expect anything positive when I see that sign, and today was no exception. The road, normally easy and smooth, was covered in big rocks. I worked during those first 10 miles handling that relatively big bike, and got nice and warm in the process.

The first part of the road is always the most challenging, and the prettiest. Here are some of the views:

Autumn on the Rim:

I love this bike, my 2006 BMW F650GS:

Dan riding the road:

Me with my backpack on:

Soon the road work was past, and the road smoothed out. The sun was shining in the golden day, the leaves were changing, and the wind was swirling the leaves through the air and they glistened overhead. It was magic! I looked at the trees overhead with awe and joy, and could not believe my good luck at finding myself on this road on the most perfect autumn day ever.

Dan and me:

It seemed to take no time at all to get to Woods Canyon Lake. The three of us stopped at the intersection of 300 and Hwy. 260 to air up the tires and take a break.

Before I left the Rim, I had to take a couple of photos of fall leaves:


Soon we were ready to continue, and we rode to Christopher Creek for a nice lunch with peach cobbler for dessert! Mmmm! While we were there, Hal took this photo for me when I said I wanted it, but I didn’t have my Olympus with me in the restaurant. It was on the bike.

I got home about 5 p.m., just in time to watch a little of both the baseball game and the late football game of the day.

Today turned out to be a great riding day! My F650GS turned over 41,000 miles on the odometer, and the bike felt so good! The weather was beautiful, I had a wonderful day, and I am so glad I went.

Thanks to Hal for taking most of the photos today!


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