Photo recap

Here is the recap in photos of my weekend in the Alpine, AZ area:

We got on the road early on Friday. As early as a schedule dictated to by work would allow:

I watched the sun go down too quickly:

Climbing the Mogollon Rim:

We drove into the blackest night, no moon shone at all as I snapped this blurry (moving) photo of Springerville:

Towns always seem to look bigger and more significant at night.

Saturday we rode on the forest roads, saw more evidence of continuing salvaging/logging:

I am glad they are able to salvage some of this wood before it is too late, in other words, before it starts to break down and be unusable:

The fortunate thing is that with the big pines gone, the Aspens that were waiting for fire to wake them up, have begun to proliferate:

We rode down into a tunnel of trees toward a beautiful little campground:

When we reached the bottom, we came out into this sun-gilded meadow. At its center was a mirror-like pond, a perfect pool to quench the thirst of resident elk:

Here is the idyllic setting of the campground:

There is nothing better than seeing the world via dirtbike:

One of many incinerated trees:

The slender shoots of greenery in front of that cinder are Aspen. Did you know that all the Aspen in that general area share the same huge root system? I did not know it either until the forest service workers told me. It was another amazing fact in the evolution of the forest.

New greenery rises out of the ash:

The highest point of ridges and mountains were the hardest hit, they were the most devastated. The fire ran up, driven by the wind, to create a charring firestorm. In some places, the road had scorch marks right after the fire. There were many areas like this, especially the area where I spent the most time on the hillside shooting the skeletons of former trees. It was an amazing, powerful sight.

The next series I hope to shoot of the Wallow fire area is of the trees in snow. I hope to return right after a big snowstorm hits. I hope that I can have the opportunity to snowmobile or cross-country ski deep into the area if I cannot ride one of my motorbikes. We’ll see!


2 thoughts on “Photo recap

  1. I did not know that about aspen, either. Who knew I was coming to your blog for a science lesson? And I give the Phrase of the Day award to “tunnel of trees.” “Sun-gilded meadow” came in second.

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