Going home, already

The night was very cold last night. In my small bed, I was wrapped up like a burrito in the blanket I’d brought from home, brought just in case it was this cold. I was glad I had it. I crawled out, quickly dressed, then went with Hal down to breakfast, for the last time at the beloved lodge, at least for this trip. I cried when I hugged them good-bye, but hoped I’d be back when the snow came.

Soon we were on the way home, our goal to shoot photos of golden Aspens near the Greer, AZ area. We thought we’d missed it, but we were pleasantly surprised to see many of them still golden in the sun, their leaves turning and sparkling. I took several photos, and here are a couple of them:

On the way home, I was very tired, the last couple of months of non-stop work and activity, the return to a relaxing place, made me finally relax and want to sleep. I slept a bit in the car as Hal drove. Pinetop, Show Low, and Heber disappeared as we went through them as I dozed. I was dreaming a bit, dreaming, of course, of fire-blackened trees. They haunt me.

We were planning on stopping in Payson for a cup of coffee and pie at Crosswinds, and as we dropped down off the Rim, I saw smoke! The farther up the road we got, the more it was apparent that more trees were burning. Here is what it looked like near Christopher Creek:

Later I found out it is a real wildfire. Called the Big Canyon fire, it has already grown to 100 acres! We don’t need any more wildfires!

At the restaurant, I ate too much dessert, and after an hour or so, we continued toward home. As usual, we asked ourselves “where did the time go?” It was 48 hours that passed much too quickly. But then it usually does.

I shot almost 300 photos on this trip, so sometime this week I will post more of them so you can get more information about this trip. It takes me a little while to go through them all, especially this time since there are so many, and at a quick glance, I like a lot of them from last night’s shoot on the hillside. The autumn color photos look good, too, even some of them that I thought wouldn’t work in the available light.

Anyway, I am home safely, but as always, looking forward to the next adventure.


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