A walk around the yard

Time to walk around the yard this evening, between work and workout. I just have to say before I start that I am super tired tonight. After two days of hard riding, weights yesterday, and now Bodyworks tonight, not to mention the endless energy drain of work, I am ready to get some rest. Unfortunately, that makes this post not very profound, but are any of them? That is a matter of opinion, of course!

A few images:

Chicken butts:

The momma hen was walking away from me with her new chicks. I don’t know why, I am the “hand that feeds” them.

Saturday, I had to get out my good ol’ Camry. It has the bike rack on it and I needed to pick up one of my mountain bikes from the bike mechanic. Behind the Camry were the toadstools I showed last week, only by now they are dried out. I saw that one had exploded, exuding a black powder. When I touched another with my shoe, it exploded as well. I am sure we will have lots more toadstools next year!

Black powder:

Weird, but interesting:

Kind of texture-y and powdery:

(No toadstools were harmed in the backing out of the Camry! I was very careful!)


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