Messin’ with macros

Today was a super-long day, so I am using photos that I shot yesterday, part of the “experimenting and learning” idea of shooting at least one photo a day.

I like shooting close-ups sometimes, but not always. After a while, for me, they become a little redundant, but these were the ones in this series that stood out, at least in my opinion:

Another rose:

Brilliant color:

Textures and shapes:

Cactus shapes and spines:

I learned a lot at class tonight, but right now I want to process all the information, and sleep on it! I am exhausted from a long day of teaching and learning.


2 thoughts on “Messin’ with macros

  1. I didn’t really want it to be, but my POTD is that cactus shot. The twisty look in both foreground and background really captured my eye. #2 is the twisty brown leaf. I guess I am in a twisty mood today.

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