As I move through the day, watching the clock, enjoying my classroom kids, working hard, I keep a notebook close at hand so I can write down my ideas. I am a multi-tasker. I can be thinking of several different things at once, and have learned to do my own work while simultaneously dealing with constant distractions and interruptions. No wonder I am not fazed by working in the evenings in front of the TV.

Today’s focus was on photographic projects, and I even practiced a little with the new camera, shooting my kids as they participated in P.E. I loved watching their cute faces as they enjoyed some fun activities. I learned about the white balance setting on the camera, and I also learned that shooting motion and movement is great, but I most like focusing on the emotions on the faces of sports participants. I do not aspire to be a sports photographer, but the opportunity may present itself because of an idea I got last night at my gym.

I took to heart the idea of trying different things as experiments, and I learn from everything I try. As it is in my classroom, so it is with my personal life: “thinking allowed!!”


5 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. That is great that you live by the same lessons you teach your kids. You should learn the new things about your camera to better your skills. You should dream of new ways to express your own creativity. You should keep your mind and imagination active as you slog through the mindless work of day-to-day living. Keep it up, girl.

  2. The only comment I have is that in this day and age that the photographing of children can be misconstrued especially in school and in a PE setting. I do not want to see you on Fox10 news.

    • The focus of the P.E. time was on happy faces and having fun, and the photos are not going anywhere but my classroom so that the kids can see themselves. I was getting the light “right” for a photo shoot involving adult players that I hope to do in the future.

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