The day after

… the most horrible play call in NFL history. Yet the NFL does nothing to correct the situation, for example, use logic and sense, not to mention their eyes.

Not much to say tonight except that after a good workout things always look better. I go to a core strength training class called Bodyworks every Tuesday night, a class I’ve worked out in for at least 10 years.

The workouts continually change, thanks to a good instructor, and I am always sore a day or two afterward. It’s a good tired muscle feeling. I have been bumping up the weights I use, usually 5 or 7.6 lbs., depending on the moves we are doing, to 10 lbs. Tonight I did more exercises than ever with the 10 lb. weights. I feel good and strong, ready for the mountain biking season soon to begin.

Our season starts around the end of September, early October, when the weather finally starts to cool down. As I said earlier, I am looking forward to riding a new set of trails, which will be good since I know every single rock and pebble on the Hawes network, which used to be our “secret” trails. The word is out, but that’s okay. They’re too technical for most people anyway so they are never crowded.

When I ride anything with two wheels, I leave everything behind. I am hoping to get the chance to explore those new trails this weekend.


2 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Not having a bike, I am not planning to hit any trails. However, I am totally ready for the cooler weather that accompanies the start of your riding season. Enjoy it. You paid for it by outlasting the heat of our desert summer.

    • “Barely” outlasting it. I was so sick of it this year that Hal and I started taking the car pulling a trailer with the dirt bikes on it, or loaded with the mountain bikes, just so we wouldn’t have to ride back into the furnace at 5 o’clock. The heat gets real old after so many months.

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