NFL … etc.

The Green Bay Packers got robbed. What a stupid, undeserved ending to a blatantly unfair game, due to a referee call. I hope the fallout from this game is far-reaching.

Work was terrible, too. Every Monday morning we start out with a horrible, needless, mindless meeting, which for me ruins the day and the entire week.

I wish things would get better for all of us!


2 thoughts on “NFL … etc.

  1. I agree that the NFL call was really bad and robbed the Packers of a win. It should improve when the replacement refs are replaced. Unfortunately, most of us are not working with replacement bosses, so meetings are unlikely to improve.

    • I know, that is unfortunate. I wish I could improve the boss situation. Tomorrow should be another day of delightful meetings. The kids leave early, leaving us vulnerable to long sessions of b.s. that will make the creative part of my brain shut down. Just what I need. Not.

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