Gold … soon to come

Our ride today started out with me giving the dashboard of the bike a disbelieving look. At 8:30 a.m. the temperature was already near 90° F. Really? I thought. It’s heading toward the end of September and we still have to put up with the heat. Today’s high was ultimately around 105° F. When is it going to end?!

We rode up the Beeline under a partly cloudy sky. I was surprised to find clouds when we rode north of Fountain Hills. The road was busy, I thought, for the time of day and week, more traffic than I expected, and one of the usual cops. As we continued north, the clouds looked thicker and darker. There was a hint of rain, and a few of the darker clouds seemed to trail a blur of rain.

We reached the airport and got a great table by the window where we could watch the always-interesting variety of planes coming in and out.

Beautiful little Cessna 172:

Also while we were standing there gazing at planes, I took the “photo practice” shot of the day, a big black bee as it was hovering near some almost dried up flowers:

After we ate, and in order to prolong the ride as much as we dared, we chose to ride the 87 to the 260, the part of it that goes towards Camp Verde. It was reasonably cool, and even though the road wasn’t clear on the way down, it was when we turned around and came back the same way we’d come. We turned around at Fossil Creek Rd. and had an almost uninterrupted romp all the way back to Strawberry and Pine.

As we rode, I felt better and better, mostly because I saw that high in the trees, the leaves were starting to be tinged with gold! The low plants close to the ground were already brushed with gold and tan. I felt so elated that fall is finally here. The gold is magic, and I am planning a trip up north over fall break to take some photos and go back once again to the Wallow fire area. That is coming soon, in three weeks.

On the way down the Beeline, I noticed how the grasses in the median and on the side of the road were turning tan at the tips, some brushed with cinnamon. The sunflowers there were starting to dry and nod, and there was more brown than green.

I had planned to go over to my dad’s when I returned to town, but he said “no.” So, I settled in on the couch at home to watch football, another great thing about autumn. I watched a couple of games and was happy with the outcome of both!

Another work week begins tomorrow. Ugh. I wish I could feel more positive about Mondays.


2 thoughts on “Gold … soon to come

  1. I am ready for the fall colors, too. And I watched the Cardinals win in a decisive fashion, which was fun.

    Here’s a question. Are you such a plane aficionado that you knew what kind of plane it was in your photo or did you look it up?

    • No, actually Hal is the plane aficionado. I thought it was a beautiful little plane, but he filled me in on the details. He can identify a plane when it looks like a little tiny dot up in the sky to me.

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