Luxury for me is having a couple of hours of free time so I can lay on the couch! It happens so infrequently that for me it is a big thing.

The morning was busy, and I had to get up early. I met my dad for breakfast, then went to the gym for indoor cycling. It is still too hot to ride outside even though I am dying to try those new trails I was told about. I worked hard on the gym bike. I also remembered as I pedaled how there is a big difference between a person who just teaches spin class at the gym and one who is a real rider. Today’s instructor was a “spinner.” But that is what is good about those classes, I can still work as hard as I need to even though the rest of the class is doing easy stuff.

When I got home, I did yard work for a couple of hours, then I finally took a shower, and ate lunch. I was feeling drowsy by then and I had promised myself a nap if the opportunity arose. I found myself alone in the house for a little while so I even had control of the TV! I watched the end of “The Shawshank Redemption,” and then I watched the entire “Poltergeist” movie while dozing off a few times. You know how it is, when you get to watch what you want, sometimes an old movie is just the thing. A favorite of mine is “Fargo.” I have watched it at least 10 times.

Later, I even sewed up holes in some clothes that have been sitting on a pile for years, in some cases. I was sick of looking at the pile.

After that, I did some more relaxing, which for me is so unusual and appreciated that I hate to break the cycle. But, I will be on the motorbike tomorrow for a while, hoping to be home in time to watch football and squeeze in even more relaxing before the craziness of the week starts all over again Monday morning.


One thought on “Luxury

  1. So, you did a bunch of “laps” while the rest of the spinning class did only a few? You went home and held the remote in your “lap.” No, I cannot find a way to link the word “lap” with sewing. Why would I want to? I was setting it up to say “Sounds like a Saturday in the LAP of LUXURY.” Anyway, those types of days are a nice respite sometimes. I’m glad you got to enjoy it.

    BTW, I have never seen Shawshank or Fargo. I have seen Poltergeist more than once.

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