A profile

This is a daily writing prompt, and is fictitious.

Margaret Mallory is a stodgy, middle-aged teacher. She weighs around 300 lbs., like many of her colleagues. She hasn’t had an original or creative thought in years. That’s why the administration loves her. The more she is told what to do, the more she likes it. She has been teaching for 32 years, but they aren’t 32 years of experience; they are the first year 32 times. She herself has learned nothing, her students even less.

Whenever something new comes along, she pretends to do it, to “buy into it.” She convinces her boss that she is doing whatever it is. However, when the door closes and she is in front of her class, she does the same old things she has been doing over and over, using the same outdated techniques, even though they’ve been proven ineffective, and using the same mean scare tactics on students. She berates kids in front of the class. She thinks that embarrasing and intimidating them is fun. It is like a sport to her. She never learned to treat students like human beings.

This is a fictitious person, but if you are offended or upset by these descriptions, perhaps you should turn your eyes inward, look at your own teaching, and think very hard, even though it hurts.


4 thoughts on “A profile

  1. I had my education literally beaten into me in the late 50s and 60s (corporal punishment was the norm) and it hasn’t done me any harm. Except for the murders.

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