Simple pleasures

A few simple pleasures that I just thought of off the top of my head (in no particular order) are:

1. drinking good coffee

2. playing the violin

3. making my dad happy

4. cool weather, autumn

5. riding one of the motorbikes, even if it’s just down the street

6. petting my sweet dog, Emma, and feeling her soft muzzle against my cheek; making the little dog, Louie’s, eyes go shut by soothing a whorl of fur on his chest.

7. eating chocolate

8. singing in the car

9. making a kid smile when I say something positive to him or her at school

10. hanging out with people I like to be with

11. a rainy day

12. riding fast on a curving road

13. the heated seat in my car, in the winter

14. watching “Ice Road Truckers” on tv

15. watching football on tv


Okay, now it’s your turn. What are some simple pleasures you enjoy? Make a list and post it in the “comments” below.


2 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. 1. I love the colors of the fall, although they are less common in town. We are hopeful for Southern Colorado during Fall Break.
    2. Malted Milk Balls are a personal guilty pleasure.
    3. Singing with a multi-church Chorale is fun, even if sometimes I wish we did fewer concerts.
    4. Big Brother in the summer, NFL and Survivor in the fall.
    5. My family.
    6. Winter in the Valley.
    7. I’ve got to get to work, but how could I leave without including a final pleasure… Reading AZGSGIRL’s Blog.

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