More everyday

I went to work today, it being Monday, of course, and now my brain is clogged with crap. Between stultifyingly boring meetings (that accomplish nothing) and people who can’t understand words longer than two syllables, this job, which used to be fun and interesting, now stops my creative process, at least temporarily. So, at the end of the day I got all my inane little duties done then left as quickly as possible to go to the gym. At least I could benefit from some mild physical activity. On the way home, though, I saw the one brilliant moment of the day, another gold-lined cloud in front of the late afternoon sun.

It looked like this when I left the gym:

And then as I got closer to home, it looked like this:

This beautiful sight was truly a bright spot at the end of the day.



One thought on “More everyday

  1. Apparently, your brain is filled with crap. That’s all I got out of your post today because my mind got stuck on a four syllable word meaning your walking on stilts or something. However, I do like your photos of the sun breaking through the clouds. I’ll bet they worked because you were stiltifying?

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