Everyday life

For this week’s photo challenge, which is “Everyday life,” I got the idea to use … buttons! After all, think what everyday life would be like without buttons. Everything would have to be velcroed together, and would be far too easy to accidently rip open, or pinned, or stapled, or some other inconvenient and less reliable way of fastening things.

So, I went to my sewing kit, which I hardly every use, unfortunately, and found these:

Then, I kept finding more buttons in various containers, so I chose different ones and dumped them out:

Naturally, they jumped all over the place and some ended up falling onto the floor; others bounced and ended up in my violin case. It was almost like herding cats for a little while. Finally, I had to “corral” them into a plastic bag so they wouldn’t keep getting away!

There were many more, but these were the photos I chose.


3 thoughts on “Everyday life

  1. The first shot hints at the preponderance of browns and blacks, but the second one must be the ‘males’ showing their bright colors to attract mates (even some that look like candy). However, once you put them in a bag, the darker, muted colors again dominate, with one red one peeking out in the center. Is there a metaphor for life in there? We should all be a red one to be noticed? I don’t know.

    • Somehow I ended up with a ton of buttons. It’s not like I sew that much either. Much like a magpie, I am drawn to their shiny-ness. I like pouring them through my fingers (weird, huh?).

      Thanks for the comment!

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