A rare day of overcast skies and rain in the Phoenix area. Could it be that fall is slowly creeping in? I think so, and the cooler temperatures are such a relief. The kids were wound up all day, but they were happy because of the weather, and so was I. They had to stay in for recess, but we all enjoyed the day.

When I got home, I found the neighborhood chickens roosting, a cloudy day gathering of feathered friends:

On the way home from the gym at sunset, the sky was painted with blue and pink:

Another day of work dissolves into the soothing velvet darkness.



2 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. Both my wife’s and daughter’s school also had rainy day schedules. The bad thing about that is the almost total elimination of their own lunch times. Still, the rain is a welcome relief to the heat and drought of our desert summers. Then again, my lunchtime wasn’t affected.

    • Yes, I only had about 15 minutes for lunch as well because of the rainy day schedule, but the pleasure of an overcast rainy day far outweighed the short lunchtime. I never get any time for planning, or much for lunch anyway, so I am kind of used to having no peace for the entire time I am at work. That is why I am already burned out. Think what I’ll be by April.

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