Happy Labor Day

Labor Day for me means I get to have a day away from the madness that is work, with all its stress and unnecessary craziness. It also means that the summer is finally, mercifully, coming to an end. It won’t feel like it for another two months, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am so sick of the sun pounding down on me, and I am tired of sweating. I want to wear some real clothes, not the least amount I can get away with in public because it’s too hot to wear much. I want to wear shoes, too, not sandals or flip flops all the time.

I chose to spend most of today “laboring,” that is, working on all the things I haven’t had time for in a while, things that needed to be done. I washed and vacuumed both of my cars, and they were both filthy. The cleaning was long overdue, and very time-consuming. I need the newer car for every day, and I need the old one for mountain biking (it has a bike rack and the trailer hitch!). But they need to be taken care of, just like all the vehicles in the household. I just put new tires on the road motorcycle for this weekend’s trip.

The heat is unbearable – still – and I was thinking today how this is the unofficial end of summer up in the high country. Lots of people go up there almost every weekend, we do too, but many people have cabins, or they camp, and stay for the whole weekend. That is why the traffic is so crazy on the Beeline on Sunday afternoons. But after Labor Day, it seems to calm down a bit. It also starts getting “cold” up there on the Rim. I recall several times coming home from the Taos rally, which we will be going to at the end of this week, and riding in 40° F. temperatures! Of course, an hour later we were riding in 90° F. heat as we returned to the Valley.

So, here’s to a short week at work for me. In 48 hours I will be on the road to the best rally of the year! At least I can be out and free, enjoying my life for a few extra days.


One thought on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Taos weather looks nice right now. A little warm at 88° or so, but good chances of cooling rain everyday, and the low 80s during the weekend. Plus, you’ll be cooling to the mid-40s at night. Y’all have a great time. We’ll keep the Valley heater on for your return.

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