I like finding things that look like “faces,” even when some of them are not really supposed to look like faces.

This one was done by one of my classroom kids, I don’t even know which one:

I found the drawing on the floor between some desks as I was cleaning up before I left for the day (kids were long gone, of course), and it made me laugh. As you know, I love kid artwork; I almost always think it’s funny, unless it’s inappropriate, of course. But it’s usually just cute and insightful, like this.

In this drawing, it’s funny how one ear is where it’s supposed to be and the other is down on the side of the jaw. P.S., is that snot on the nose and lip? Ewwww!

This is a “moon phase” poster in my classroom:

One of my kids remarked the other day how he thought it looked like giant eyes, then the three small moons in the middle were the nose, and the “mouth” is made up of the medium-size moon drawings. I have always seen the “face,” but I liked that one of my kids saw it too.

Okay, enough goofing around! 🙂


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