Blue Moon

I couldn’t resist the temptation to go out and shoot the blue moon, with my camera, of course. The results were less than spectacular, I thought, and it made me miss my Canon EOS even more. I need to get it fixed, and soon.

The little Olympus did a respectable job, although since it cannot be focused manually it left some things to be desired. I also don’t have as much control over exposure, etc., which I don’t like. The sky looked pretty, though, and I went out and shot it anyway.

I shot about 12 photos, all with the camera on the tripod, and most of them were still blurry because of the reasons I mentioned above. This one photo was the best, I thought. Anyway, you be the judge:


Thank goodness it’s the weekend. I don’t think I could take another day this week of my job. Enough is enough, and I am looking forward to the next week plus 48 hours. I am going to New Mexico on the road motorcycle, leaving Wednesday after work, for the usual rally that I go to this time of year. It will be over too soon, as always. I hope that I will be able to find a way to elongate this trip in the next few years from three or four days to at least a week. Life is too short, and I regret all the missed opportunities.

I am hoping for warmth and sun, or rain and cold. In other words, I will love it however the weather is. I have ridden to this rally in all conditions, and it is great riding no matter what. It’s the best rally of the year and I hate that I have to cut it a day short this year, thanks to work.

The reason is that I finally used all my built-up personal days at work. I only get two a year, and I will use them both for this trip. Yeah, it’s great to get all the vacation time, but if it’s not when you need it, it doesn’t really matter or help. Having a great job would be much better.


2 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Yes, I echo your comments about trying to capture an effective moon shot. If you open the shutter too long, the moon is too bright, but any shorter and nothing else registers. I think your point and shoot did a pretty good job

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