Wasn’t I just here??

This morning I had a sense of deja vú as I rode my BMW F650GS up the Beeline Hwy. toward Payson, AZ. Yesterday I was on this very same road at almost the same time, headed toward Payson, and Pine, but in the car with the mountain bike in back.

Today as I rode, I was thinking to myself how much I love the GS, and how glad I was that I didn’t have to put much thought into which bike to ride. With the F800ST in the shop for routine maintenance, it was an easy choice to get on the GS. It felt super comfortable and I knew I was going to love my riding day.

Once we got to Payson, we had little trouble finding the house where the BMW club breakfast was going to be. Hal and I were two of the first people there, so we were able to park inside the owner’s big garage, cleared out for the purpose of making parking available for the guests. There was another motorbike parked there, and to my surprise, it belonged to Dan, one of my mountain biking buddies from way back! I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years, and it was great to see him. I knew he was riding adventure bikes, but it was cool to see his big KTM.

Soon, others from the club arrived, and I got to see old friends, and meet others face-to-face that I’d only “met” on our club’s online forum. I had a couple of cups of coffee, but the meal turned out to be lunch, not breakfast, so I only had a little bit of the salmon that was being served. That made me popular with the resident cat, but didn’t fill me up. I was hungry, after the strenuous activity of yesterday, so Hal and I decided to go to the airport for a “real” breakfast, with eggs and stuff, after we were finished socializing. I ended up talking mostly to Dan, and a couple of my fellow club officers, which was fun, and useful. It is going to be a good year.

Hal and I left the party and rode the couple of miles to the airport. We had more coffee there, and ordered breakfast. While we were waiting for the food to be served, we looked out the big windows to see the Rim and I saw the area where I was mountain biking yesterday, once again under thunderstorms!

I said, “see that tallest mountain? That’s probably where I ended up when I climbed that steep climb that I really wasn’t supposed to climb!” Seriously, that probably was it. They only put antennae and communication towers on the highest peak, right? 🙂

We headed back to the Valley, and I thoroughly enjoyed my GS bike on the way home as well. I got back in time to watch plenty of football, and do some chores as well as other tasks around the house. On the ride back, I could almost feel the weight of the horrible summer heat lifting ever so slightly. It is coming into my favorite time of year, and I think that plus feeling great from the strenuous workout yesterday made me feel so much more positive than I have in a while.

I am looking forward to the regular football season starting, and most importantly, being able to ride locally, both mountain bikes and motorbikes, without the fear of heatstroke! Soon we will be able to enjoy the outdoors without riding 100 miles!


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