On the eve of back to school

The school is empty – now. In 12 hours, it won’t be.

The rooms are silent, the desks are hollow. Textbooks are still on the shelves, the supplies are stacked in the cupboard. All this will change tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings in a new class, with all the expectations, hopes, anxieties, and dreams of the students. I wish them all the best! Let the school year begin.


One thought on “On the eve of back to school

  1. Showing my age, I thought of the 1907 song “School Days.” The first verse says “School days, school days. Dear old golden rule days. Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic, Taught to the tune of the hickory stick.” Nowadays, though, the mention of a hickory stick or any physical disciplinary method is unacceptable. Sorry to have mentioned it.

    BTW, no, I did not know when the song was written nor any of the words outside of the first four lines noted above. I Googled it. I am sure your kids are equally adept at searching and researching using the interweb.

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