Back to work

Well, it wasn’t pretty.

We started with a four-hour meeting. Yes, four hours. It ranged from introducing countless new teachers and student teachers (whose names and positions I have already forgotten), and then to the obligatory, time-wasting “think positively, it’s all going to be great” orientation/beginning of the year DVD. Then we heard about all the new hoops we have to jump through, and finally, AIMS test results. We did okay, especially our grade, but the test is going to change in a couple of years anyway. Another moving target that we are supposed to try to hit. Where is the logic and sense in that?

This afternoon, I got the classroom back to “working classroom” status with the help of my husband. He loves this, and I know he is looking forward to the start of the school year. I have mixed feelings about it because I am the one with all the responsibility, the one who has to endure all the stress and fatigue.

Soon it will be the first day of school. It’s always interesting to see what happens when you get a class together, how the “personality” of the class forms.We’ll see what the future holds for this new class as the drama of the year unfolds.


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