Last summer trip, Day 1

I have looked forward to this trip for so long. Yet, here I am, feeling rather depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I am so looking forward to having three solid days of riding my dirt bike. But I think I am letting what will come next interfere with my enjoyment of the riding. That’s always how it is when you get to the “bottom” of the summer vacation time, especially this year. I think my job has finally gotten to me; after the last year’s class, the “niceness” is gone from me and I am filled only with dread.

Well, one more series of riding days to enjoy, and I will try to make the most of it. I will feel better tomorrow when I am more relaxed. I never relax until I am on the road.

We left town reasonably early, and then ended up at Payson airport for breakfast. We saw a beautiful little plane take off that looked to be part glider:

It was in and out a couple of times so maybe the pilot was practicing touch and go.

Then we got on the road and enjoyed the pretty clouds above the Mogollon Rim:

Again, we missed any rain that might have been in the area. I feel like I have some kind of invisible water repellent around me. Maybe it means we will be in torrential downpours for the whole trip to Taos, NM, which is the next time we leave town (September), but even if we do, I won’t care. I’ve done it before, and it’s a great trip whether it’s pouring the whole time or if it’s sun and clouds.

We went toward Show Low where we had to stop for some construction. This is my most dreaded sign, especially when I am on the motorbike:

It’s not that he isn’t a cute little man waving a flag, it’s that it usually means big-time delays for me. Which suck.

On the way to Springerville, there is my favorite volcanic field:

I’ve wanted to shoot this photo for years:

It kind of looks like the extinct volcano that is shown is erupting when you look at the cloud poised over its top, but it isn’t! You can see the cone shape of the extinct volcano, and the tear in the earth shows the cindery volcanic material that is under the sparse vegetation.

At last we arrived in the Alpine area:

We went back to the favorite store of the summer in Alpine and got a few supplies (mainly water!), and then we bought some candy at “The Lollipop Shop” across the parking lot.

Twilight shot:

After a great dinner and then a short walk amongst the trees, I settled in for the evening. I am looking forward to riding tomorrow and exploring some dirt roads!


3 thoughts on “Last summer trip, Day 1

  1. P(hoto)OTD: The erupting volcano shot. That is very clever.
    P(hrase)OTD: “…there is my favorite volcanic field.” How many people can honestly say they have a favorite volcanic field? Only one that I know of.
    P(hrase)OTD Runnerup: “twilight shot.” Hmm. Did she mean because of the time of day or because the tall trees reminded her of the movie?

    Enjoy your trip. You can’t change the fact that school starts soon, so leave that behind for a few days and just “Ride, Ride, Ride, Sally, Ride.”

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