A walk at the Riparian Preserve

This morning I had the pleasure of walking with my husband at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve! It was a rare opportunity for us to have a few minutes together, and we saw some beautiful sights. Here are some of them.

A gathering of cranes:

More cranes:

Nest platform; that object on the right, inside the triangle, is a crane, his shoulders hunched against the morning sun :

Another kind of “animal:”

Several different types of waterfowl in a diverse group:

Pretty scene:

Multi-colored algae at the edge, clouds reflected in the water:

Ducks searching for bugs:

The swirl of water in this photo is two ducks having a little “skirmish:”

Another duck serenely watching the festivities:

Hope you enjoyed today’s photo tour of the Preserve!


One thought on “A walk at the Riparian Preserve

  1. Hey, that looks like a cool place to visit and capture some nice (and serene, as you said) photographs.

    P(hoto)OTD: More Cranes. I like how they are just standing and looking around.
    P(hrase)OTD: A gathering of cranes. You sure know how to phrase your crane comments (Get it? Phrase Your Crane? Frasier Crane?). OK, you probably did not find that as amusing as I did.

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