Words to live by

I decided that the message on this shirt, which was given to me for my birthday, was just about it for me, so appropriate in so many ways. Like, when I am in front of somebody on my dirt motorcycle, and definitely when I am in front of them on my mountain bike.

And especially when I am in one of those training sessions the district makes us do, when I “get” it in a few seconds but then I have to wait for everyone else to catch up. That’s when I start drawing, or writing stories. Many of these blog ideas have been started while I wait for those left behind in the dust!


2 thoughts on “Words to live by

  1. Luckily, you did not get a Bart Simpson “Eat My Shorts” T-shirt. I would not like to hear your explanation of how that message reflects your life.

    Yes, my teacher family members say the same thing about their district-required training. How can so many people sit through training and then ask the obvious questions that were answered as part of the training?

    • Seriously. Making us go through those boring “trainings” is just another way they make us know how little regard or respect they have for us.

      All these “new” programs they keep throwing at us are things that we know or are common sense, and what we’ve already been doing for years. They just re-label it and think it’s something “new.” Good teachers know what they are doing. The problems lie with the politicians, who don’t have any idea what it is like to work with kids all day.

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