Summer rain, in Phoenix, AZ of all places!

Rain plopping into the pool!

I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day. I woke up to an overcast sky, and I knew right away that the day would be wonderful. It will probably be our only break from the sun until November. Tomorrow I am sure it will be back to terrorize us as it usually does from April through October.

I rode the motorcycle to breakfast this morning, and I took my dual sport, my F650GS, even though I haven’t cleaned the chain yet after Sunday’s ride. It was more convenient to get her out of the garage, plus she was already dirty. I thought it might even help if we got rained on, it would go a long way toward cleaning the bottom of the bike. There is a lot of dust on the wheels and a bit of dirt caked up where I just cleaned last week. Of course, since I didn’t take the clean F800ST, not a drop  of rain fell on me while I was out!

But when I returned home under a darkening sky, I was only home for about a half an hour before it started to sprinkle. Then it began to rain, and the rain fell steadily for at least an hour. I could hear it drumming on the skylight, see it falling into the pool. It was such a cozy feeling of being warm and dry inside, so rare in the hot summer months.

It was a privilege to be able to do anything outside that I wanted to this afternoon. I chose to go for an easy bicycle ride, but I could have gone for a mountain bike ride, a dirt bike ride, anything. That’s what I miss about decent weather. Having two months off in summer is not really that great if you can’t do anything outside anyway.

The violin was happy, too! Violins love humidity. I played for an hour today, and the time seemed to fly by.

So, the mid-week holiday at least yielded a much-needed, relaxing break from the summer sun. If only there could be a few more days like this.


One thought on “Summer rain, in Phoenix, AZ of all places!

  1. This is not the city to have a violin if they prefer humidity. So, she must only be happy for 3-4 days throughout the year.

    Now, Jewel and Pearl must prefer dry weather so you will ride one of them. So, on the flip side, they must be happy 352-353 days of the year.

    It all balances out.

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