Monday isn’t as hateful when you don’t have to go to work

Today was a day of getting some things accomplished around home. But, before I did, I went for a bicycle ride, which was my workout of the day, at the canal. I couldn’t resist taking photos as my day progressed.

Big fish in a small canal

There were fish in the canal. They are there to keep it clean, but there is the ever-present human-caused garbage, in other words “plastic,” everywhere. The fish can’t eat that, but apparently there are living things that can. Let them get busy, then! That’s what I say.

I also saw a turtle in the canal, but he dove deeper the moment he saw me. He was probably sick of people trying to catch him.

Next, I got home and got to work. I said I was going to clean up my GS bike, and I did. I worked on it for about three hours, and after it was over, I had grease on my face, arms, legs, but not my hands because I was wearing latex gloves.

Cleaning up

I cleaned off the goop on the bottom of the bike. It is accumulated “fling” from the chain. I use a chain lube product that doesn’t fling too much, but sometimes in an emergency I have been forced to use lubes that do. That stuff has been building up on my bike for a long time, and even though I wasted a whole can of chain cleaner today, I got everything reasonably clean. There were a lot of little rocks caught up in there as well. All that junk stuck there can’t be good for the bike.

Rocks and dirt from the bottom of the bike

When I got finished, the bike was clean, but then I discovered I was out of chain lube! So, I will get that finished tomorrow. At least I can see things now and will be able to tell if something starts leaking.

All cleaned up

This afternoon I worked on some movies I have shot in the past, editing, doing the voice-overs. I also tried to get old movies organized so I can make DVDs, then get the movies off my hard drives. Everything on that laptop is full, internal drive and also outboard drive. Yes, I filled up more than a terabyte of space. That seems amazing to me. Remember when a 20 mb hard drive was “big”? I do.

It wasn’t an exciting day, but I did get some things done that have needed to be done for a while. I just hope I can get additional creative projects finished in the next month so when I have to go back to work  at the end of July I don’t have too many projects lined up left to do. But that’s impossible because usually when I get one thing done, 100 more ideas pop up and then I have more things that I want to do.


One thought on “Monday isn’t as hateful when you don’t have to go to work

  1. POTD (Phrase of the Day): Big fish in a small canal. Somehow, that struck me as funny today.

    PTIDWMT (Phrase That I Disagree With Most Today) (OK, probably not an acronym that will last): “…wasted a whole can of chain cleaner today….” You have to keep your chain clean and lubricated, so even though you used your whole can of cleaner, it did what you needed. So, I disagree with the word “wasted” in this context.

    As you say in your title, though, Mondays are not as bad when you have the day off.

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