A boring Sunday, and bucket lists

Old, but true, socks

I bought these socks at least 15 years ago; little did I know how much it would continue to be true. I wore them this morning when I took my bicycle out and did a short workout since I haven’t done much all week. The past week I sat on my motorbike and rode, and I suppose I use more energy than I think while riding in the dirt – standing on the pegs, guiding the bike where it needs to go. But not like the energy I use in a real workout.

I was feeling fat and guilty this morning. I’d gone to breakfast, then felt gigantic because all week I’ve been eating eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes, all kinds of fattening, carbohydrate-loaded things for breakfast. I am ready to eat my usual mixture of granola, yogurt and fruit for a while. It was already about 100°F. when I got home from having breakfast, so I couldn’t take the time to load up the mountain bike and go to an actual trail. I would have loved to do it, but I’ve learned from experience that after a while of being out there in the middle of the day, the heat is almost too much. So, I rode near home and did my workout.

It was a boring day, really. I am used to being on the motorbike on Sunday, which is our official riding day. I wish we would have stayed out on the road one more day.

So, lots of people have been “hitting” my blog, for which I am extremely grateful. I think the posts about my travels are popular because others can travel vicariously through me. I love traveling on the motorbikes, and especially enjoy writing about the adventures. If I don’t get to go anywhere, I don’t get to have any adventures. Nor do I get to shoot photographs, another thing that I love, at least no photos of anything interesting. Which brings me to the point, in a meandering sort of way.

I had the pleasure of discovering this fellow blogger’s website:


The premise behind it is a wonderful idea. I enjoyed reading the blog very much; you should go there, check it out, and enjoy it for yourselves. My explanation wouldn’t be as good as the real thing, and I don’t want to spoil it for you!

Then it got me thinking about what I would put on my “bucket list.” It’s been in the back of my mind since that phrase became popular, but I never thought enough about it to construct an actual list. So, I started to actively think about it. You know it would be short, and sort of single-minded, but here are some things I came up with:

1. Ditch the job and get on the road.

2. Failing that, start finding time to ride to or in places that I want to go, even if it means taking unpaid time away from work. Where do I want to ride? Let’s begin:

3. Ride in Iceland. Take the dual sport bikes and ride the perimeter, but then also find the off-pavement routes that only a few people have gotten to ride. Shoot photos of the unique and wonderful landforms there. Go to Reykjavík, see how decent, nice people live, maybe even learn the language. I know one family from Iceland, one of the girls was in my class, and they are the most lovely, intelligent people you would ever want to meet.

4. Ride in the Nordic countries, enjoy the weather and the spectacular scenery.

5. Ride to and in Alaska. I want to see the places that they talk about on “Ice Road Truckers,” even if I have to go in winter. Shoot photos. Get to see the aurora borealis, something I’ve thought about doing since I was a little kid.

6. Ride to Canada, find some out-of-the-way routes that one million other people haven’t already ridden.

7. Ride a “perimeter of the United States” route, just to say I did, and rack up mileage for the yearly BMW mileage contest in the process.

8. Ride my mountain bike in Vancouver, B.C., not just anywhere, but “the shore,” and ride the tricks and technical trails that I hope are still there.

9. Go to the Bob Bondurant driving school (race cars). I am hesitant because if I did it, it would be another expensive thing that I would want to do all the time.

10. And, finally (for this list), I want a NEW LAPTOP!! I need it for my work and the two I have are five and 10 years old. Good grief.

Well, that’s it for the off-the-top-of-my-head bucket list. I suppose it could get longer after I think about it some more, but that’s it for now. I almost don’t want to go there, though, because then I will realize how much I am missing out on. That would be depressing.


4 thoughts on “A boring Sunday, and bucket lists

  1. I have never built a “bucket list.” That does not mean there are things that I wouldn’t like to do before my time here is ended. Only that I am grabbing those times as they come along and not adding them to some list of things that I am missing out on, as you mentioned in your post.

    Iceland would be cool, though (in both ways). The BC coast would be interesting, too. And the Aurora Borealis is something I would really like to see… Now look what you have done. I started a list and didn’t even know it. I blame you.

    • Annette,
      I use Macs. The old saying, “once you have Mac, you never go back,” was true with me. I started with a Mac IIci, that’s how long I’ve been using them.
      The 10-year-old laptop goes on the road with me (G4 Ti), and the five-year-old one (MacBook) gets used at home for everything else, photo manipulating, movies, everything. I do have to upgrade now, though. I think I deserve a new laptop after all these years!

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