Alpine, on the way home

It finally had to happen, the trip had to come to an end.

We woke up late, had a crazy breakfast. Hal made a concoction out of waffles, peanut butter, butter, and syrup:

A sugar/carbohydrate delight

Then we got on the road, and a few miles down the road, we stopped up on top of the Mogollon Rim to sit quietly and look at the beauty. Our plans were dashed when a vanload of about a million kids and young adults showed up to be loud and discourteous, but we walked farther east to be away from them. It’s too bad people can’t be quiet and considerate. I also didn’t especially want to look at this, but there they were:


So, we moved away from them all and sought some peace and quiet.

The view was very hazy due to the Poco fire (another wildfire) near Young, AZ:

View from the Mogollon Rim

We walked around and took more photos:

It looks like this trail goes off the edge of the Rim

Next we saw what looked like a little memorial to someone:

Bittersweet memorial


Hal did not want to go home. I didn’t either, but for me it’s more like I just don’t want to be “not on the road.” There’s a big difference. Anyway, he was “dragging his feet,” using every good reason not to head back down to the Valley. I don’t blame him. It was going to be close to 110°F. when we got there.

Hal enjoying the cool air

I used the time to play with my Olympus camera. The big Canon EOS was packed away, and I wasn’t going to dig it out just to shoot “happy snaps.” This one turned out pretty nice, though:

A moth’s eye view

Instead of shooting the same old view that everyone shoots, I thought this would be a little different. Plus I thought this gnarled tree trunk was interesting as well:

Wood and Rim

Playing around with the camera:

Through the wormholes (I think those holes were actually made by beetles, though)

Silvery-pink thistle, opening soon!

We walked back to the parking lot, geared up, then as we rode down off the Rim, the change in elevation made us feel the beginning of the horrible heat. By the time we got to Payson, it was getting very warm. We fueled up, got something cold to drink, I doused myself with water, then we continued our final leg of the journey down the Beeline Hwy.

In Fountain Hills, it was 109°F. We stopped again at a Starbucks, trying to prolong the journey, but mostly because we wanted something cold to drink (again). This was it, though, and we geared up one final time on this trip, and parted company about 20 miles down the road.

I got home and found “the boys” fighting. Apparently, my brother-in-law had fun with them again while I was gone. I guess he was bored! LOL

C’mon boys, behave!

I unpacked, started laundry, you know, all the things that when you are packing it is fun, but in reverse (unpacking), are drudgery. I guess it was time to come home, though. Almost all the clothes I had with me were dirty, and my riding gear – YECH! Atrociously dirty. The pants go in the machine later after the regular clothes, and tomorrow the jacket gets hosed and scrubbed. And then there’s my bike …

Speaking of which, we put on 1100 miles, and the F650GS performed flawlessly. As I said, what other bike (except another GS) could do rocky rough dirt roads, then carve through wonderful turns on a twisting mountain road? I love my bikes, all of them! They all have their uses, and it’s always great to be able to choose “the right tool for the job.”

Tomorrow I guess I will be cleaning!


One thought on “Alpine, on the way home

  1. “Wood and Rim” is today’s POTD. Nice POV on that shot.

    Although, that waffle looks pretty tasty,even though it apparently has peanut butter on it.

    Funniest photo today is your Gestalt Guys fighting when you got home. That is really clever. At least the one with only one foot knew enough to lead with the foot he DOES have.

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