Kitty scooter

Today while at Victory BMW/Vespa in Chandler, AZ, I saw this specially-painted Hello Kitty scooter! One of the guys I was with was contemplating (jokingly) buying it for his daughter, who really wants it. It seems she has a Hello Kitty tattoo, and the scooter would match it.

A Hello Kitty scooter!

I thought it was kind of cute in a kitschy (kitty?) kind of way, so I was looking at it, too. It doesn’t go with me, though!

Detail of front

Front view

I was talking to some fellow club members there, and one other thing I wanted to do was sit on a new F650GS, but Victory didn’t have a lowered one for me to sit on. I wanted to see if it felt as top heavy as mine sometimes does. I don’t know why, I certainly can’t afford a new motorcycle right now. It will be all I can do to get the money together to buy a new computer! I do all my work right now on a five-year-old MacBook.

Tomorrow Hal and I are off on the “Deja vu” trip. We are going to try to re-create our ill fated trip of two weeks ago, and hope for better results this time. I hope I can get on the internet tomorrow evening to file a story, or at least a photo.

Wish us luck that this trip works out better than the last time.


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