Help! We need clothes! (not to mention one of us needs a foot!)

I actually went looking for clothes for these guys at Wal-Mart the other day. I don’t know why, maybe I just wanted to feel like a kid again and walk through the toys. I looked at Ken (as in “Barbie and …”) clothes, but they looked a little too “Barbie-ish” for me. I wanted camouflage outfits, but no such luck. G.I. Joe is a whole different story, and that wasn’t really what I wanted either.

When I got home, I thought I’d dig out some artifacts in the form of my old Barbie dolls (ancient) because some of the outfits included “slacks.” I thought maybe I could use them as patterns and make my own little clothes. This is how I deal with not finding what I want, I just make my own things. Remember the motorcycle jacket that a professional refused to fix for me last January? I probably fixed it better than someone else could have.

Back to the Gestalt Guys. I realized after I considered making the clothes myself that I had to contend with that metal rod that is supporting each figure. Darn it. Although after that I saw that one way to deal with it is to just leave a little hole in the seam of the pants where the rod goes (the down side of having a stick up your a**, I guess).

Or, the other alternative is to put them each in a loin cloth, a tie, and a fedora. Or, maybe an outfit involving a kilt, which I think is cool.

Hmmmm. Stay tuned for the latest in this saga!



3 thoughts on “Unclothed

  1. I was researching my response when I found this (http://www.amazon.com/Wooden-Human-Mannequin-Unisex-Inches/dp/B001DKHN56). That could be mildly interesting if you are looking to expand your GG collection.

    What I was searching for, though, was sizing to give clothing suggestions. You might check Goodwill for Ken or GI Joe clothing. However, I think you should continue to let the guys be au natural. After all, if they are truly Gestalt Guys, you need to see each of their “parts” and how they relate to the whole. OK, enough psycho-babble.

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