Opening night

What it’s all about

Tonight was opening night for the All Art Arizona exhibition at Art Intersection in Gilbert, AZ, of which I am a part. I only had one photo in the exhibition, but I was happy with that when I saw the quality of the other participants’ work. As you see from the explanation above, there were over 300 submissions and only 76 made it into the show. My photo, titled “Wallow Fire Aftermath,” was one of them.

Proud of my work

We walked around the gallery twice, looking at everything. There were three rooms full of work, all different types of media. There are a lot of creative artists out there.

There were many people at the opening, which pleasantly surprised me. I was glad to see such interest in art from this community.

People filled the gallery

After we had been there for about an hour and a half, we were done, and then, just like kids, we went and got treats!

I don’t think these cinnamon rolls are big enough, do you?

We had coffee, split a sandwich, some fruit, and a piece of carrot cake! Delicious.


It was a great ending to a very special evening. I hope I can do it again some time!


2 thoughts on “Opening night

  1. Maybe those cinnamon rolls are actually an art piece and not for consumption? They are actually a ceramic piece entitled “Sweets for the sweet.”

    Congratulations on being one of the top 76 in the area. Next time, go for two or three in the show.

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