Enjoying IKEA

Usually when my husband wants me to accompany him to the IKEA store, I groan inwardly, knowing I will be there for hours, wandering aimlessly. I am not much of an “interior decorator,” more like an “inferior” decorator, so aside from bright colors, interesting furniture, unique lights, looking at frames for artwork … Wait, I guess I really do like going there after all. Anyway, I was bribed today with the promise of coffee and breakfast or a snack, so I went willingly.

There are actually a lot of interesting things to look at in an IKEA store, and I entertained myself as we walked around by shooting some photos. I do this for practice because I try to learn how to use light, and shoot what I think are interesting images, so in a way it’s an educational trip.

So, here are some of the photos. See what you think!

In the dining area, the glass is tinted enough so it gives the impression that it’s cloudy outside. So, even though it’s 105°F. and glaring white-hot sun, I can make myself believe that it’s a cloudy, cool, maybe even rainy day out there while I enjoy my coffee and think I am cozy inside. You can see part of the “IKEA” sign through the window on the outside of the building behind the light.

Light fixture

Next, we went through the pillows department:

Patterned pillow

I love this textured blanket and I want one, but alas, I could not get everything  I wanted today!

Textured blanket

Bright colors make almost anything attractive:

Colorful wastebaskets

We spent a lot of time in the light/light fixtures department. There were many unique items here!

Glow globes

Points of light

Lamps of every ‘shade’

Bright orange patterned sphere

On to other things:

Some reflective art

Fluorescent light can sometimes make things look weird, but I kept this photo and made it black and white because I liked the pattern from the ceiling reflected in the mirrors:

Wall of mirrors

The asymetry of this display was bugging me:

Tower of shelves

Transparent chairs. Why is one in each row facing away from the other two? Hmmmmm. A difference of opinions maybe?

Board meeting

Slat track

As we headed out, there were more colorful things:

Lampshade detail

And, something you will not see anywhere else:

A sea of brushes

Finally, we visited the bargain room. There were somewhat ordinary things like this:

A pink bed frame. Some little kid will absolutely love this.

At the back of the room, on a dusty shelf, I found these guys:

Gestalt guys (that’s what IKEA calls them)

They were so cool, I couldn’t leave without them. Plus, as I moved them around, they clung desperately to each other so I couldn’t buy one without the other. Besides, one was missing a foot and it would have been cruel to leave him behind. I used the flash to shoot this vaguely creepy photo of him celebrating:

Dancing with joy  (I’ll see if I can get him a prosthetic to make it less hip-hoppy).

They are now hanging out on either side of this computer, peering at the screen, and I think they are relieved and content.

So, we left with a cart full of cool stuff that didn’t cost too much for all the use and entertainment we will get out of everything. My trip to IKEA turned out to be really fun, and I hope you liked it, too!


4 thoughts on “Enjoying IKEA

  1. Cleverest caption: Lamps of every ‘shade’
    Looks least like what you say it is: Lampshade detail (It looks like a photo of flower petals
    Weirdest Photo Angle: A Pink Bed Frame. (It looks like it is standing on end and I had to reorient my mind to see it at the angle you actually shot. Kinda fun, actually)
    Most celebratory: Dancing with joy. (Thanks for buying the Gestalt Guys and not leaving them stranded for someone who would not appreciate their bond to each other

    • See? I can make almost anything interesting. Well, except for Costco, where I went today. There were so many overweight people there it made me feel skinny. It’s just a fact, not an insult.

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