Roadrunner Rally

Yesterday I was at the AZ Beemers Roadrunner Rally in Prescott, AZ. This is “our” club rally, and I helped out with some of the volunteering. Of course, I enjoyed myself very much  as well!

It was unfortunate this year that we had to wait to leave until Saturday morning, but it was a pleasant ride up. It was actually cool on the way up, but when we arrived at the rally site, it was a perfect day – warm, but not hot, the sky clear and blue, no wind, unlike the previous day. A wildfire, the Gladiator fire, advanced further, driven by the wind. Choppers carrying water flew overhead, their blades thrumming.

Chopper, carrying water

This chopper is mosquito-like

When I see those buckets of water, they look so small to me, like thimbles. But I am told they hold a couple hundred gallons of water.

I worked registration, then I worked t-shirt and concessions. Neither place was very busy. Most of the riders were out enjoying the perfect riding day, and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Later during dinner, we had rally awards, and then the Riders’ Cup Challenge awards.  I won a $100 gift certificate! After dinner, I used the BMW Smart Trainer, a simulator that helps riders with their skills. I did well!

Me using the Smart Trainer

Later, we enjoyed the band, especially me. A couple of my friends had their own little dance party going on in the corner, and after a while, I could no longer sit still, so I joined them. We had a blast until the band quit playing. They closed down after 10:30, and they could have played all night as far as we were concerned! At rallies, the music shuts down early because some people have to get up early and ride 500-600 miles home. I did that one year from a rally in Colorado, and by the time I got down to the last hundred miles, I was tired. Of course, it didn’t help that I hadn’t slept for nearly all the three nights I was at that rally.

I slept fairly well at this one, though. I like camping, and I wish I could sleep better. I don’t know what the secret is, maybe I should carry a giant air mattress, but I already tried air mattresses and didn’t like them. I use a self-inflating one that is fairly thin right now, and it seems to be okay. Not spectacular, but okay. All my camping gear is old now, maybe I should shop this summer for gear that works for me.

This morning, we broke down our camp, even though we felt like we just got there! Fun things go by too fast, as usual.

I’m smiling, but I’m not happy to leave! And I hate camping in dirt, wish there had been a grassy area to pitch our tents.

I love the minimalist way  of motorcycle travel and camping. I hate clutter and having too much stuff, and traveling as I do lets me get away from it. I fit all my clothes, my sleeping bag, my sleeping pad, extra blanket and other accessories in one bag. The tent always gets its own small bag. My riding clothes and heavy stuff go in my side cases, but those things always go with me.

On the way home, Hal took a photo of the smoke from the Gladiator fire:

Scary smoke. It is destroying a place that in addition to having several homes, is a favorite place to ride dirt.

I made it back to town and rode through the heat to my dad’s house. I visited with him for a little while, then rode into the heat again to get home. I drank water all afternoon because I was so dehydrated, I unpacked, organized, did laundry, and finally settled down late afternoon.

I have to admit, a shower felt great, and so does the thought of sleeping on a comfortable bed tonight!


2 thoughts on “Roadrunner Rally

  1. P(hoto)OTD: Mosquito chopper. It might not have been my favorite at first, but I liked your caption.
    P(hrase)OTD: “… their blades thrumming.” I could feel the helicopter’s presence thanks to your verbal imagery.

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