Friday, at last

Today was the last Friday we will be in school for a while. Next Friday is my last day, and the kids will be gone by then. It always seems to go fast at the end.

This afternoon we had the school “talent show.” I don’t know what it is about that the last couple of years, but it just seems unorganized and not as good as it used to be. It used to be cute and funny, now it drags on forever and the acts seem redundant. I used to have to videotape them for the school, but I begged out of that. I wanted to have a couple of years of actually getting to enjoy it, but as I said, it’s been disappointing lately.

This is the weekend of our rally. I used to be gone by now, up in the woods, camping. Circumstances dictated that we leave later today than I wanted to, so I just said forget it, let’s go up Saturday morning. So, I will sleep in my own comfortable bed tonight, and get up early to ride to the rally in the morning. I already loaded my black BMW F650GS, Jewel, and she is waiting, ready to go, in the garage. Sporting a new chain, I think she will feel pretty darn good tomorrow when we get on the road.

We will be very close to the Gladiator wildfire as we travel northward to Prescott. The wildfire season has begun early in our state, and that is of great concern. There are several fires underway already, and it was Memorial Day weekend last year before the Wallow fire started.

Tomorrow I will be working at the rally, helping out where necessary, and hanging out with my fellow BMW motorcyclists. It’s only one day, and I only get to camp one night this time, but it will be good. I like camping and hardly ever get to go. We will  help with cleanup on Sunday morning, get some breakfast, then ride home. It will be a quick, but fun, weekend, and soon I will be free!

I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Friday, at last

    • Poor Jewel. That chain only lasted a thousand miles, if that. It was the fault of the installer, and she usually gets about 16,000-18,000 miles to a chain. There is no way the chain I just replaced should have worn out already, especially the way I ride (“gentler” than most).

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