A sad Mother’s Day

Today I rode to breakfast, basically trying not to think that it is Mother’s Day, and I am without my mother.

I got on my bike. I rode fast, but I was just keeping up with traffic. A guy with “ape hangers” on his cruiser bike passed me like I was standing still. Even though I hate those kind of riders passing me, at that point it wasn’t worth going as fast as that just to prove a point.

I had to pass the two places that break my heart the most, Mayo Hospital, which makes me think of my mother’s final days, and the cemetery. It’s still very hard to deal with.

Once I got to the restaurant and met my riding partner, it was better. We decided to go somewhere different, Deer Valley Airport restaurant. I’d never been there before, and of course it was packed this morning with all the mommies. I really don’t like that scene, but I didn’t have much choice. Happily, we didn’t wait too long, and we got a nice table. We had a wonderful view facing north and all the runways.

Table with a view

I had to crop out some people’s annoying out-of-control children. No wonder when these kids come to school they don’t know how to behave, and then teachers have to deal with their bad behavior. I wish people would realize that their job isn’t over when they have a kid, it is just beginning. But I digress.

The coolest thing about this restaurant is the airplane models hanging from the ceiling:

I love airport restaurants!

We had a pleasant breakfast and left soon afterward. The temperature was going up and I wanted to get home before it hit 100° F (it was a short riding day). The temperature was hovering at 97° when I pulled into the garage, so I just made it. I think the high today was 105°, cool when you consider what is coming later this summer.

I am already sick of the heat and I have a long way to go (until November). Not to mention that we are now into wildfire season. The heat, dry conditions, and wind have already conspired to create several wildfires burning out of control. It’s already starting to feel like last year when it felt like the world was on fire. And it’s starting even earlier this year.

Here are a couple of photos I took late in the day when the sun turned orange from the smoke:

Orange sun

Darker, more ominous

I shot a whole series of photos because the light looked really weird.

I am going to hope for quick containment of these wildfires that surround our area in a wide circle. I fear another big fire like last year’s Wallow fire.


One thought on “A sad Mother’s Day

  1. POTD (photo): Darker, More Ominous – I like the sun shining through the gloom of smoke.
    POTD (phrase): “… high today was 105°, cool when you consider what is coming later ….” Yeah, you are right about that.

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