Concert, part 2

With all the mayhem from the storm last night, I was unable to post about the second school concert, this one during the day and for the whole school. I have to say, it was much more fun and much more relaxed than the previous evenings’ version. The kids enjoyed it much more, as I did.

I would much rather show the kids playing, but I can’t, so you have to look at me. Here are some of the highlights:

Kids, getting ready to take the “stage.” I can’t put them on here without blurring their faces to protect their identity, so unfortunately, this is going to have to do. I love them, and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.

Me getting ready to play

The orchestra played first, fifth grade, then sixth grade (my kids). We had a lot of fun. Here I am playing my solo:

I wasn’t too nervous this time!

The solo happened because I told some of the kids that if they would be brave enough to play a solo, I would, too. They took the challenge, and I had to make good on my promise. (I was thinking later, what did I get myself into??? LOL) Another reason was the soloists before me needed time to get back to their seats in the orchestra to play another part, and me playing gave them time to do that. That way they didn’t have to sacrifice that other part because they played a solo. It all turned out fine in the end, and I actually enjoyed it very much.

After the orchestra played, I had to move quickly over to the band side. I can’t do one without the other, that would be “unfair.” All the kids really seem to enjoy it when I play alongside them. Here I am with my flute. I still play the same one my parents bought me when I was in sixth grade:

I (sort of) blend in because I am the same size as my sixth graders!

After the concert, I let them have a few minutes to relax and celebrate how well they did. For one day, they didn’t have to do math, and later, it was an early dismissal day for them.

With concerts over, instrumental music is basically over for the year. Some of my kids will go on to play in junior high and beyond, for some of them, this was the last time they’d ever play. Of course I hope and want the best for them whatever they decide to do, but I hope some of them will look back fondly at their last concert in elementary school when their teacher sat in and played music right with them!


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