A storm comes through!

Storm: this one with dramatic results, results that ruined my evening and kept me from posting last night!

It all started late afternoon when I was doing some errands. The sky looked like this:

Dark sky coming

By the time I got to my next stop, the wind started to blow really hard:

Flags a-flyin’. (The name of the town might as well be “Dilbert.” It isn’t, but it might as well be!)

Then it started to rain:

Rain in the rear view

That was the least of the problems in store for me. I went home and dropped off my violin, which had been in the car far too long as it was.

Chickens take shelter under the truck, well  most of them did

I changed into gym clothes because I obviously wasn’t going to be able to work out outside tonight. I got there late because of the crazy drivers (rain in Phoenix makes them freak out), but I worked out hard. I came out all sweaty, my clothes wet. I didn’t care because I was going to be home soon, right? Not.

When I got near home, I found the street blocked off. I had to go around and around just to try to get in, and since there is only one way into our neighborhood I had to convince the (snotty) cop that I lived in there and wanted to get home. I had to go around to the other side of the entrance because apparently a power line was going to fall on top of me at any moment and electrocute me. I said, “what are the chances it’s going to fall right at that particular second?” I still had to go around.

Street blocked off

Meanwhile, I was getting cold and uncomfortable. When I looked up at the top of the power pole, though, I realized it had been struck by lightning!

On fire! Well, smoldering, anyway.

The whole neighborhood was out watching the spectacle. What else could we do anyway, the power was out.

Eventually, I took a quick shower and sat down to read with the help of a headlamp. It wasn’t the greatest evening for relaxing, and I needed it so badly after the day. Oh well.

Still burning, hours later

We sat there all night with no power. After 11 hours, at 5 o’clock this morning, the electricity finally came back on.

What a night.

(Okay, now I’m late for work! Better go!)


2 thoughts on “A storm comes through!

  1. That is quite a story. I’m glad your power is back, but it is lucky that we had a cool night since you were without power all night. What about hot water for your shower? Thanks for the shot-by-shot photo documentation of your struggles.

    • I had to duck in and out of the shower quickly, but fortunately, no one else needed the shower (they apparently had some kind of premonition that all might not be well the rest of the night!). I thought about how lucky we were to not have a hot night. It was pleasant at least.

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