Yes, another school concert is history. Tonight was the final concert of the year, the final concert in elementary school for my classroom kids in band or strings.

The air was heavy with excitement and anticipation as the strings concert began, and the nervous energy hung in the air until the concert ended with a kind of bittersweet joy. The band concert was more subdued because there were less solos and more down-to-business playing. It ended with a calm glowing happiness, and then everyone left for ice cream with their families.

Tomorrow morning, we get to do it all again for the school. I say “we” because I was with them all the way. I think they really appreciate that I play the violin with them (strings) and the flute with them (band). It makes things a little hectic for me at times, but I really enjoy the whole experience.

Soon they will be on their way, to seventh grade and beyond. I saw one of my former students tonight in the audience watching his younger brother, who is in my class. The older boy has gotten so tall, and will be going into high school next year, but most importantly, he has done very well these past two years. It seems like just yesterday that he was in my class.

So, it’s the true “beginning of the end,” and in two weeks we’ll be done. It’s always like this. I feel like I’ve been through so much with the kids when I think of how they were at the beginning of the year, and compare them with how they are now. I told them in August that this school year would go fast, and now they’re telling me that I was right.

Another year flies by!


One thought on “Concert!

  1. As gratifying as it may be to have taken your classroom from beginners to skilled in their grade-level topics, I know from the teachers in my family that they still welcome the summer break. And of course, you truly do have a right to claim some part of their future successes. I’m glad you have something like these concerts as a way to cap off a successful year and join with your students in a final hurrah together.

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