Trippy trip

We were supposed to take the kids on a field trip tomorrow morning, but 15 hours before departure, the charter bus company called to “cancel” us. This trip has been planned for eight months. The premise for canceling us was that there were no drivers available, but, really? They couldn’t get two drivers for a trip that’s been planned for this long?? I think it has more to do with a recently-filed Chapter 11, which we did not know about until now. We know what happens when “corporate” gets involved. Corporate America strikes again as the greedy self-centered entity it is.

We might still go, on school buses, but it was going to be a six-hour trip on the charter buses, which will make it a miserable 7 or 8 hours on a school bus.

Nice of them to hose a bunch of schoolkids, isn’t it?


If we end up going anyway, I will not be posting tomorrow night.


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