A day filled with “wildlife”

I really wanted to go real mountain biking today, but it was the first day of horrible heat (will be here for my suffering for at least six months), and I am not quite acclimated yet. So, I took the bike and went on the “green belt,” which is really the brown belt here, and did an easy 10 miles. I stopped a few times to take photos of some of the things I saw.

First, I passed the riparian preserve, and found these cranes:

White cranes

I am looking forward to walking there this summer and taking one of the big cameras with me. This was shot with my little pocket Canon, a capable camera, but not my best.

Below: I love this horse! and he seemed friendly, but I didn’t pet him because I wouldn’t like some stranger messing around with my horse, and I didn’t think his owners would like it either.

The friendly neighborhood horse

On the way home, past this section of canal, I saw these ducks, adults and babies:

Ducks and ducklings

I love animals, they are all so interesting.

This afternoon, a couple of our neighborhood roosters got into a little “tussle.” This is something they always do, and they don’t hurt each other. It’s posturing more than anything else. I think it’s more about looking tough than actually hurting the opponent, and showing off for the hens (much like in human society). It’s only kind of funny  in a chicken-y kind of way because they look so serious, but they ultimately get along fine together.

Facing off

Fight! Fight! (they fuss like this all the time)

They look like they’re really going after each other, but they do not hurt each other. A few feathers fly sometimes, but that’s about it.

Fully engaged

It only ends when somebody runs

No chickens were harmed in the making of this blog!


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