In memory of my mother

My mother bought me these roses for the first day of school one year

With Mother’s Day coming up, which will be especially painful for me this year, I wrote a few haiku poems remembering my mom. I had some downtime the last few days and this is what I thought of.

If you were absent that day in elementary school, a haiku is three lines long with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the last; in other words, the pattern is 5-7-5. Here we go:

Mother, I love you
why do you have to be gone?
A void without you.

How did this happen?
We thought you had the best care.
Doctors failed again.

The day that you died
it was the worst day ever.
I felt empty, numb.

I wandered around
my mind in a useless fog
I just could not think

I think of you now,
not with us to live the days.
You gave us meaning.

Hope for the future
is a distant memory.
We are all bereft.

Life goes on, it’s true;
we are left to reconstruct
our lives from the dust.


2 thoughts on “In memory of my mother

  1. Wow, that is an interesting post. I first glanced at it and thought I might not comment since it would be so personal and angst-ridden. However, these are well crafted, sad but not morose, and actually cathartic. I liked today’s post.They do show the pain of personal loss, but leave open the realization of rebuilding and healing. Thank you for sharing.

    Leaving behind loss
    yields the hope of tomorrow
    and heals broken hearts

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