Aimless AIMS

Today I spent much of the day in my classroom watching my students labor through the “Arizona Instrument to Measure Something,” we don’t know what, but it’s something. It’s known by the people in charge as the AIMS test.

We’ve worked hard all year, and I think the kids will do well, but I still question the validity of basing that judgment on one poorly-worded  (based on the “practice tests” they send us) test. The whole thing makes me as tired as the kids will be when it’s over, and by the end of the week I will be as checked out as they will be.

Anyway, it’s only 27 days of school until this school year is over. Not that I’m counting or anything.


2 thoughts on “Aimless AIMS

    • I know, that test is just simply disgusting.

      I will hang in there, for sure. After this week is over, it’s all downhill. Next week we take the kids to Lake Powell for a field trip, and that will at least by super-fun!

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