Last day – farewell, OB

Last coffee in Ocean Beach for a while

Sunday, April 8

I won’t lie. I had a terrible night’s sleep in a bed that was too soft in an expensive hotel. In contrast, three weeks ago I felt wonderful on the Death Valley trip when I slept on a perfect mattress in a Motel 6. Even after all the things we went through, I felt great after that trip.

I think my malaise this morning was due mostly to the fact that the trip  to Ocean Beach, CA was basically over.

After the usual preparations, organizing, packing, things like that, we walked to breakfast at our favorite place. I expected the streets to be empty, but they had been given over to the workout crowd. There were bicyclists, runners, and people just out walking because it was a beautiful day. (BTW, did you know walking on the soft sand is like having a foot massage?) There were also the people who had slept on the beach or near it, and the man standing on the curb screaming, “you know that, huh?!! Huh???!” at the top of his lungs and gesturing wildly.  Soon, he collected his three plastic trash bags filled with aluminum cans and rode his rusty bike up the street.

We loaded up our motorbikes after breakfast, geared up, and were on the road by 9:06, close to my goal of 9 o’clock. I looked with regret at The Closet. It was due to open at 9:30, but I didn’t want to wait that extra half an hour, a decision I almost immediately regretted. I can try to find the things I wanted to go back for at a store at home, I suppose.

I was up front again, the lead dog out of town, so we pounded east on I-8. I was layered up but I knew I would shed those layers as soon as we got to the casino, which I did. The quick drop in elevation once again put us into temperatures 20° warmer, but it wasn’t too bad all the way to Yuma. It’s the stretch between Yuma and Gila Bend that is the absolute worst and it was no exception today. Friday I fought a strong headwind, today I don’t know what kind of wind it was. It seemed to be swirling and changing direction in a special effort to batter the crap out of me. I felt tired and uncomfortable, so uncharacteristic of me when I am on my F800ST. Maybe it was that horrible mattress.

About 40 miles out of Gila Bend, we went through yet another border check point. I lifted the bottom of my helmet so they could see my face, and was immediately waved through along with Hal. Stupidly, I turned off my radar detector because it was going crazy in my ears, and I thought if the border patrol officers want to talk to me, I’d better be able to hear. The radar detector being off was almost a disaster up the road when I was rolling along pretty good and all of a sudden there was a cop parked in the median. The guy coming up behind me was much faster than I was, he was coming up quick, so I knew it would be okay for me. It was, the cop didn’t move. – whew –  Needless to say, I turned the radar detector back on so I didn’t have any more moments of panic.

We made it to Gila Bend, and the reward there is to stop for blueberry pie and ice cream at Space Age restaurant. It was so hot there, but it made the ice cream all the better. Later, I found out it was the place in the state with the hottest temperature for the day. Too soon we had to leave, and then we were on the last leg of our journey home.

Where did the time go? It was only a 52 hour trip, and that was way too short by almost anyone’s perception.

I got home, unpacked, started some laundry, then collapsed on the couch for a while. It was a wonderful weekend, but tomorrow it’s back to dreaded work.

So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o … when’s that next trip?


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