Mountain biking

I finally got to go mountain biking today after months of not. I don’t know why big gaps in doing that sport appear in my life sometimes, it’s the only thing I’m really good at. Today, I discovered that Zumba dancing has been great for cardio conditioning. When I climbed the only short climb in the whole park I wasn’t even breathing hard.

I also discovered that two of about three technical parts where I went riding had been “sanitized,” in other words, made simpler and less challenging for all the simpletons to be able to ride. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It goes along with the dumbing down of almost everything these days. Keep in mind that this park was so easy and flat to begin with that I only go there when I am trying to get back in shape after a break. It also used to be fun to go there just for a good fast mindless ride, but now most of the fun has been taken out of it. I thought to myself this morning as I met other people on the trail that once you start seeing the whole family out there, complete with kids and dogs, you know it’s not your trail anymore. So, I will go back to my “secret” trails, the ones the real mountain bikers use.

After all that, though, I loved being on my bike once I got away from everyone. I was fast and I felt great. It’s starting to get hot, too, which means I will probably be one of very few who go out riding in the heat. I have done it for years and I have no problem with it. I don’t care if it’s over 100° F. out on the trails, which it often is. Even the snakes stay hidden.

After I rode, I felt so good. I was sweaty and dirty, the salt from sweat crusted on my face. Yeah! I loved it. I hope I can do it again soon.


One thought on “Mountain biking

  1. I’m glad the Zumba has made a difference in your conditioning. I’m not much an exercise class type of dude. I can never coordinate my movements with theirs. That’s probably why I am not a dancer, either.

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