On the way home tonight I stopped off at a park where one of my students was playing baseball. He mentioned it to me about 20 times, and it finally dawned on me that he wanted me to come and watch, but wasn’t going to come right out and ask. His face lit up when he saw me and he yelled my name across the whole park! It’s nice to be made to feel like a minor celebrity sometimes! He played really well, hit the ball hard every time he came up to bat. He can also throw far and accurately.

He’s a good kid, and he’s so intelligent that he will make an important contribution to society if he can get himself together. I am really proud of how far he has come this year emotionally and behaviorally. I hope he can make something positive of himself, and I am doing all I can to help him do that.

I hung out for a while, then helped the organizers clean things up and put away the equipment. Then I hugged my student goodbye as he started to walk toward home with his older sister. I waved goodbye about 10 times, and I thought about how I wish I could protect that child from all the potentially bad things life could throw at him. I hope with all my heart that he makes it.


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