What am I going to blahhhhhh-ggggg about today??

It’s the end of the day and I realize nothing much outstanding happened today. Just another day in paradise, or, as my friend says, “just another day with parasites.” That’s more like it.

The kids were up and down all day, and we’re working them hard in last minute preparations and review for AIMS, the big test that is supposed to be the defining measure of their success. Yeah, right. As if one test, a poorly-worded one at that, would be a reasonable and fair thing on which to base an important judgment like that.

Only eight more weeks of school. Thank goodness. I do the best I can every day, and enjoy my kids, but to be honest, this is the worst class I’ve ever had. I had one of the “specials” teachers tell me one day, “If I had your class, I’d be medicated!!!!!” And she’s only in my class for 45 minutes every two weeks.  Think how I feel. Most of them are not bad kids, they just have not been taught at home how to behave, especially how to be respectful of others.

Later in the day, I went to one of my favorite workout classes at the gym. I have been taking this class with this instructor for about 10 years, followed her to different locations, and it is always different, always beneficial, and it always makes me a little bit sore (in a good way). I also enjoy the fact that my friend Renée is always there as she has been the last 10 years as well. It’s the only time we see each other and catch up, but it’s always nice.

On the way home, I listened to quiet violin music (Bach, of course) in the car. It calmed me, made all the tense muscles in my back and stomach relax. I was getting a little too relaxed and so made myself concentrate on my driving. I stopped for a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms “for school,” I told myself. They are supposed to go into my file cabinet where they are hidden so I can eat them surreptitiously while the kids are out of the room. I don’t think the bag will even last long enough to make it to school. LOL

So, another day, another … penny. Penny for your thoughts, now that you’ve read mine.


2 thoughts on “What am I going to blahhhhhh-ggggg about today??

  1. Test preparation, teacher medication, exercise location, violin meditation, chocolate. You certainly ended up with plenty to blog about (in apparent contradiction to what your title hints at). Well, I, for one, am glad.

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