Let there be lights

After work today I rode my bike over to my mechanic’s place so he could install new flashing brake lights on the back of my bike. I think that will help to keep the drivers behind me alert and from running into me. While I waited for him to get to my bike, I heard, then saw, this bird singing his heart out in the tree near the garage.

In full song

He was so happy, and having a fine old time. Then he started looking around.

Looking around

Abruptly, he stopped singing. At first I thought I was bothering him, lurking on the ground near his perch. Finally, much to my disappointment, he flew away. Then, when I looked to my left, I saw the reason for  his discomfort. A big black cat! No wonder the bird wanted to get out of there.

Soon, with the lights installed, I was able to leave as well. I rode the freeway, crowded with tired Friday night commuters, back to near home to meet my riding partner for coffee. He thought the lights on my bike were cool, as I did. (He actually bought them for me!) They already made people on the freeway back off. Here they are:

Safety is a big factor on a motorbike

I took the photo as Hal squeezed the brake lever. The HyperLites lit up the bike like a Christmas tree! At least drivers behind me will see me more easily now.

Happy riding!


2 thoughts on “Let there be lights

  1. I suppose I was onl;y supposed to notice your new lights below the license plate. Instead, I noticed that spider sticker on on the bumper. Oo, gross. Even the outline of a spider makes me nervous. Hey, tell Hal he can buy me a new tail light for my Jeep, OK. The left one is not working.

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