A foodie post

The texture of a particular food often influences whether you want to eat it or not, and everybody has his or her own favorites.

Mine would have to be creamy or gelatinous, what you would imagine the musical term glissando would translate into as something to eat. For example, real cranberry sauce, the kind made from whole cranberries and sugar. It is smooth and overly sweet, and combined with vanilla yogurt, it is absolutely heavenly. I like that for breakfast sometimes, and paired with coffee, it is a luscious combination to start to my day.

What food texture do you love?



4 thoughts on “A foodie post

  1. I will take a nice, crunchy pizza crust over the think, doughy kind any day.

    Now, one time, I was in Malaysia and I tried durian (called the King of Fruits). It is overly stinky (hotels will often not allow it in the building), and a weird, smooth texture that makes it even more disgusting. So, that is the texture that comes to mind for one that I do not like.

    [How smelly is it? Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQj-hFfmYkQ%5D

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