A front moves in

I don’t know why I love weather drama so much.  When it happens, the excitement and anticipation fills me with joy as I watch the clouds move in.

The weather forecast was for a warm day with change coming late in the day. It was warm, sunny, the sky was clear most of the day, and when I left work I thought it was another case of inaccurate weather forecasting. But soon the wind kicked up, and when I was on the way to the gym, it was howling through the  sunroof, which I had tilted up.

Later, as I drove home, the front was coming through, and even in the subdued light, I could see the outlines of clouds. To the north, I could tell the clouds were very dark, torn at the bottoms, and at the horizon was a dimly lit line of orange dust. I couldn’t resist trying to get a quick photograph as I sat at a traffic light:

Multi-tasking: driving and photographing

The blurry-ness of the photograph made it seem more real instead of like a bad picture. As I drove, though, I realized that time was running out, and I was going to have to pull over to get any sort of decent photo. I thought I was driving into a neighborhood, but luckily it was a network of paved streets through undeveloped land. Wide open space, untouched by developers! What a find! So, I made the best of it and got a few photos of dark clouds and dark sky.

Storm moving in

You can see the bank of clouds closing in overhead, the thin slit in the sky where feeble light seeps through. I steadied myself from the powerful wind by leaning on the roof of the car.

After I had my fun, I got back in the car and drove home. Later, I listened to the wind dance and whirl through the wooden wind chimes on the front porch as the temperature dropped. What a wonderful evening!


3 thoughts on “A front moves in

  1. I’m also a ‘weather-person’, I used to fly a lot in the early ’80s, and always enjoyed flying the weather-map.

    To me, it’s the same way on my bike, I like chasing the weather, and also like it chasing me.

    By the way, that weather you see… was up in Las Vegas also. I had a big ride planned for today, and decided to bail out on it. (winds gusting to 50mph)

  2. It was crazy windy yesterday afternoon and evening. That weather makes our dog nervous so it is a struggle to get him to do his business.

    I like changing weather a lot more if I am not in the middle of it. I probably would not have stopped to capture a photo like you did (although a cool sunset photo might be hard to resist). Still, I am glad you did, because it does make the weather seem more vibrant and exciting and real. Thanks.

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