Monday Monday

Today was the ugliness that is Monday. I shouldn’t complain, though, at least I am here. It seemed harder than normal today, though, maybe because I had a taste of freedom yesterday when I rode almost 400 miles on the motorbike. A good mileage day always leaves me wanting more.

Next week is spring break for me, and I am counting the hours. Just 3-1/2 more days. At least when we go back after this break I will know there are only 9 weeks left. The sooner it’s over, the sooner I can be on the road. As always, though, I try to find the bright spots in my day, and here are a few of them.

On the way to my violin lesson tonight, I saw this balloon drifting closer to Earth:

Holy crap! That thing's coming in!

I turned into the neighborhood near where it was headed. Of course, I was a little late to get the perfect photo:

Here's something you don't see every day. Unless you live near this neighborhood, apparently.

Then it climbed again:

Back up where it belongs

My lesson was good, worked on Bach (what else?). I wish I had about four hours to practice every night, but at least I got in an hour and a half tonight. After a discussion with my violin teacher, I realized (again) how little I know about music theory.

It was a warm evening, and by the time I got back in the car to go home, the sun was nearly down. The sky turned pastel, and to the west, the rays of the sinking sun painted the clouds gold.

Moon in pastel sky

Off in the distance, the mountains rose in silhouette against the burnished light. I was too far away to get the photo, and I was in too much clutter from houses and trees. I left it to all the retired people who can wait around for the sun to set and be in the perfect position to get “the” photo. I hope to be one of them soon, only I am not waiting around for anything.


One thought on “Monday Monday

  1. So, did your violin teacher say, “Welcome Bach?” Ha ha.

    I agree that Mondays are a shock to the system after pleasant, non-working weekends. I fear that, even if we eliminated Mondays, whatever day we allow to restart a workweek would be yucky.

    OK, back to work until I can join the retired contingent myself.

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